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Replanting for Org Charts

Store data in your organization chart and generate reports

You can add data such as e-mail addresses and telephone numbers to shapes in your organization chart. To do this, follow these steps:

1. In your organization chart, right-click the shape to which you want to add data, and then click Properties.

2. In the Custom Properties dialog box, type the data that you want to add, and then click OK.
Note that you can also create custom property fields for data that you want to add to shapes in your organization chart. The following are two examples of situations where you may want to store data in shapes in your organization chart:

You want the organization chart to serve as a public data source and to represent organizational structure. For example, if you store employee telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in organization chart shapes, you can turn your organization chart into a communication directory.

You want the organization chart to serve as the central repository for either public or private employee data. For example, you want to store telephone numbers, dates of hire, salaries, and grade levels in your organization chart. Additionally, you want to generate a report from the organization chart. You can save the report as a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet, as an HTML file, as an XML file, or as an Excel spreadsheet that is embedded in a shape in your drawing.

Replanning for Org Charts 

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